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Why Drive with ETS Transport?

There are many reasons why a driver might be interested in driving for us, with one reason trumping all others: With us, you’ll be treated like a person, not a number. We currently have 10 trucks in our fleet, and while our experience gives us the ability to operate as efficiently and reliably as a large company, our drivers always feel their voice is being heard.

Family Commitment

We’re a family business at heart, and we understand the importance of family relationships to health and happiness, which is why we allow an unmatched amount of weekly time at home to spend with your loved ones, and ample paid time off for holidays, vacation, and sick days. We also pay for layovers and stops, meaning that more of your money stays in your pocket, no matter where you are. It certainly doesn’t hurt that we also offer some of the best pay in the industry, whatever your experience level may be.

We also offer a full benefits package, including medical, dental, and 401(k) and the opportunity to work with the latest equipment, as well as other incentives for meeting certain standards that uphold the reputation that ETS Transport has established in the eyes of our clients. Are you interested in getting started? Fill out our online application today.

Call or Click Today at 503-615-4100 About Driving With ETS Transport