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Join the Team that Outpaces the Industry

ETS transport offers consistent weekly home time, industry leading pay and bonus opportunities. Ask any of our drivers why they love working for ETS Transport and they will all tell you the same things. They will tell you they like the fact that we are a family first company that gives you plenty of time at home with your family, that we provide industry-leading pay, and even about one of our many great benefits, including incentives for meeting various standards and ample opportunity for paid time off.

At ETS Transport, you will always be a person and never a number.

Our Comprehensive Company Benefits:

  • Paid vacations
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid layover
  • Paid stop pay
  • Bonus for signing on
  • Bonus for new hire referral
  • Bonus for fuel efficiency
  • Bonus for clean vehicle inspection
  • Company health insurance
  • Company dental insurance
  • Company 401(k)

Equipment Benefits


  • All currently less than 2½ years old
  • All equipped with double-bunk condo sleepers
  • All equipped with work stations
  • All equipped with inverters
  • All equipped with bunk heater


  • All newer Western curtain vans
  • All spread axle
  • All equipped with air scales

Driver Benefits

  • You’re a person, not a number (fleet size is 10)
  • Stable company (operating curtain vans on I-5 for more than a decade)
  • Great pays
  • Great home time (weekly)
  • Solo operation (no teams)
  • Assigned tractors
  • Take equipment home (within mileage band)
  • Weekly payroll-direct deposit
  • Rider policy
  • Pet policy
  • Qualcomm
  • Electronic logs
  • Pre-pass for scales
  • Pre-pass for tolls

Interested? Learn more by calling 503-615-4100 today!